January 18, 2018

At Sea – Caribbean To Cape Canaveral

Sat, Day 11: At Sea (en route to Cape Canaveral) A very lazy day – sleep in, eat breakfast, wander the ship, bumming around, shopping at The Promenade, watching the food-art displays, having drinks, eating again!... We are all here to have a … [Read more...]

Cozumel – Mexico

  Fri, Day 10: Cozumel, Mexico   830am: had brekky, the ship docked around 10am (late for our tour times, but all worked out OK) then gathered in the theatre area for tour groups catching the ferry from the island of Cozumel over … [Read more...]

Georgetown – Grand Cayman

  Thurs, Day 9: Georgetown, Grand Cayman   Early day again, had breakfast by 8am, so we could take the 9am tender boat from the ship, anchored a quarter mile away, over to the small shore pier at Georgetown. A 10 min boat … [Read more...]

Ocho Rios – Jamaica

Wed, Day 8: Second Port – Ocho Rios, Jamaica   Sleep til 745am, 815 brekky, onshore at 9am for 915-930 tour pick up. Overcast, partly raining, but we're onshore! Going to Bobsled at Mystic Mountain, mun! ;-) Cleared the temporary … [Read more...]

Labadee – Haiti

Tues, Day 7: First Port - Labadee, Haiti (cancelled...) 6am: RAIN, RAIN, RAIN... Bad weather closing in all around, storm & tsunami warnings issued!? All island activities cancelled... We were sooooo looking forward to "The Dragon's … [Read more...]